• Language learning
  • Speech analytics
  • Audio visual biometrics
The SpeechTek unit carries out research and develops technologies in the following application area:

  • Speech  recognition’  of  audio streams (eventually coming  from  heterogeneous sources), "speaker verification/recognition" and "speech analytics" of  e.g.:   recording  of  telephone  dialogues   through  “call centers”,  Internet videos, analysis of  both telephone or environmental tapping  to furnish helping tools  for investigations by law enforcement agencies, ecc.
  • Assistive speech technology for  language learning, to help language learning,   measuring  the   levels  of   learning  or   the  readings capabilities (especially for children, etc).
  • Audio/video   biometrics,   with   the  objective   of   developing technologies   for  processing   “personal”  biometrics   information, particularly   focusing   on   wearable  devices   and/or   egocentric data. Applications could  be in the fields of  security, and behaviour analysis/action recognition.