Several datasets where collected during the DIRHA project, whose goal was to develop a speech enabled automation system for smart home appliances (  Some of this datasets have been made publicly available. Details are available below.

DIRHA English-PHdev

The phonetically-rich part of the DIRHA English Dataset is a multi-microphone acoustic corpus being developed under the EC project Distant-speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications ( The corpus is composed of real phonetically-rich sentences recorded with 32 sample-synchronized microphones in a domestic environment.

Further details are available here:

Please be aware that the previous page is static and not maintained anymore. Please contact matasso @ fbk . eu for getting access to the dataset.


The recordings include spoken commands mixed with other acoustic events occurring in different rooms of a real apartment. The corpus contains a set of simulated acoustic scenes of duration 60 seconds (at 16kHz sampling frequency and 16-bit accuracy) which are observed by 40 microphone channels distributed over 5 different rooms of a real apartment. Each acoustic scene is composed of short English commands and non-speech acoustic sources. (i.e., typically home noises such as radio, TV, appliances, knocking, ringing, creaking and many others). The commands are based on the Grid corpus.

Please contact matasso @ fbk . eu for further information and to access to the dataset.