Current projects


FBK and the Centre for Intelligent Sensing of Queen Mary University London have activated a joint project on advanced solutions for audio-visual processing. In particular, the project focuses on the use of heterogeneous...

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Le comunicazioni di tipo call-center rappresentano una realtà consolidata nella nostra società. Esse coinvolgono tipicamente un utente ed un operatore, e vengono registrate su un unico canale audio, su cui sono poi applicati...

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The goal of SmarTerp (Seamless Management and Automation of Resources and Tools for an Efficient Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) is to reduce inefficiencies in interpreting by developing a set of AI-powered tools embedded in a...

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Marvel project

The “Smart City” paradigm aims to support new forms of monitoring and managing of resources as well as to provide situational awareness in decision-making fulfilling the objective of servicing the citizen, while ensuring that it...

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Closed projects

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